openfellas auf der CeBIT 2014: OpenERP – Shopware – Alfresco

Dieses Jahr sind auch wir auf der CeBIT und unterstützen OpenERP. Da das Thema “Systemintegration” aus unserer Sicht eines der wichtigsten im Bereich ERP, DMS, eCommerce und CMS ist, wollen wir uns auf der CeBIT auch so präsentieren.

OpenERP-Shopware connector

Shopware is a fast growing new E-commerce platform, a real alternative to Magento – the more or less defacto standard in the Open Source E-commerce arena.

OpenERP and EDI – An EDI toolkit under development

Wikipedia describes EDI as :

“Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a document standard which when implemented acts as common interface between two or more computer applications in terms of understanding the document transmitted. It is commonly used by big companies for e-commerce purposes, such as sending orders to warehouses or tracking their order”

Smart MTO – check stock before purchase

When explaining the two different type of procurement methods you can configure on the product level, we often get asked: But what about make to order if you already have some stock available? Our answer is always the same: Good point