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First Trial of the odoo eCommerce Module

Since I have been asked quite a few questions in the last few days, whether using odoo renders the implementation of Magento or Shopware redundant, I decided to run a quick check on the unhatched chicken, i.e. “odoo eCommerce module”. An integrated shop is, after all, quite interesting and helps to save a lot of time, cost and problems.

Out of sequence – Lost Ubuntu profile settings

I have written the following short article to describe a very irritating problem in Ubuntu, and to propose a possible solution.

My problem was that some settings I had just changed in my Ubuntu Tweak profile simply disappeared after a login and had to be re-configured every few days. Even though I got used to this after a while, it was still a pain

The Maritime ERP Solution

Odoo (formerly OpenERP) has introduced a maritime ERP solution called Flag State Manager (FSA), a business solution specifically tailored to so-called flag states and their vessel management. This special solution shows Odoo’s scope and flexibility, demonstrating once again that the ERP system is the perfect foundation for any business solution. Due to the system’s enormous depth as an ERP and CRM application, it guarantees time-saving communication and automated workflows that will quickly redeem initial expenses. Like Odoo, the Flag State Manager is based on a modular concept. Each module can be individualized, yet at the same time it remains a well functioning cog within the system.

A comparison of CRM systems – SalesForce, SugarCRM and Odoo – Part 2

Part 2 of the CRM comparison between the SaaS systems SalesForce, SugarCRM and Odoo (previously OpenERP) covers the core functions for sales and marketing in CRM systems.

A comparison of CRM systems – Salesforce, SugarCRM and Odoo – Part 1

A comparison of CRM tools – with Salesforce as market leader in SaaS systems, SugarCRM, the successful commercial open source system, and Odoo (formerly OpenERP) as the award-winning shooting star in the Open Source League. The range of CRM systems is overwhelming, and, to a greater or lesser extent, each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to install a successful CRM system, you should, of course, base your choice on the quality of the software, but even more importantly on its suitability for your individual requirements.

OpenERP re-named in Odoo

For quite some time now, our partner OpenERP has been moving in unknown territory. In the past few weeks, OpenERP has introduced a completely new “open source” CMS tool as well as an eCommerce and a business intelligence Engine. Whether you talk about inventory, logistics, production, accounting or sales – there are no limits and everything stays in one hand.

OpenERP is in Town – Road Show on May 6, 2014

OpenERP is the manufacturer of an – if not THE – Open Source ERP solution. OpenERP is purely web-based (and which ERP system can claim that?), offers a modern and interactive surface (how many others do?) and has a comprehensive, cross-business platform which is extremely flexible and can be easily adapted, since it is based on a modular concept. For an ERP system, this in itself is almost unique.

Bild zum Blogbeitrag OpenERP Datev Schnittstelle

OpenERP Datev Interface – many roads lead to the same goal

Of course, there will always be discussions regarding OpenERP’s lack of certification. Concerning this particular issue, opinions vary. And there is no ELSTER Interface, either. But this does not exclude the integration of a Third Party Software or the ELSTER libraries into OpenERP.

OpenERP and Alfresco, hand-in-hand

Even if OpenERP may seem quite complete with its just over 200 basic modules and is constantly developed further by OpenERP and the Community (just think of the forthcoming integrated CMS and eCommerce System), it is still not self-sufficient as a single solution. In order to be able to represent complete business processes, openfellas have specialized in the implementation of Alfresco and its connection to large platforms. Of course, this can also be realized in other DMS Systems, provided a sufficient number of interfaces is available.

A few words on Ubuntu and what you should know about a premature Upgrade

After each alpha or beta release, you will find a lot of reports about all the new bits and pieces and you can look at loads of screenshots and videos. As an enthusiast and someone who is addicted to Bleeding Edge technologies, I keep wondering to what extent all this is actually usable and what kind of problems are to be expected.