Entries by Mirza Jusufovic

General errors in master data maintenance

As everyone working with Odoo in daily routine can confirm, Odoo works very efficiently and reliably if the master data is well created and maintained assiduously. This is especially true for products and partners (designated either as customers or suppliers)!

Datev vs. Integrated accounting

This subject is, of course, the topic of many heated discussions in each project. Quite obviously, integrated accounting and immediate feedback of the various related aspects is more than just a nice thing to have. The most simple aspect is the feedback of an invoice’s payment status and the associated claim, which triggers an integrated dunning process, which in turn displays transparently the customer‘s dunning status for distribution and sales.

Odoo Studio

Odoo Studio is the subject of a seemingly endless discussion we are currently having. Undoubtedly, the new application is looking great. Odoo are obviously investing in its continuous development and have markedly increased their marketing efforts.

Odoo Performance

It is a little known fact that Odoo has a bug that slows down the system, especially when it comes to larger databases and a substantial number of table entries. This general error is reinforced by the common “human” element.

The openfellas approach to implementation

Ultimately, there are probably only two basic approaches to implementing a software solution. In this context, it is irrelevant, whether we are dealing with an ERP system or something else, unless we are talking about an Office package, accounting software or any other out of the box solution.

Openfellas are Best Odoo Partner Europe 2018

In 2007, Pro Linux magazine published an article announcing the release of TinyERP 4.2. Back then, when nobody yet thought of openfellas, we were looking for a CRM system with regard to a non-standard customer inquiry we had received. The system certainly never would have won a beauty award, because even by the standards of the time, pretty would have been something quite different.

Individual Odoo solutions by openfellas.

If I had received one Euro every time I heard the statement „but I’d have expected this is a standard feature!“, I probably needn’t write this article. A few years back, I, too, used to think “Hey, this is so obvious, why the hell doesn’t Odoo provide this feature?!?”
Time to take a closer look at the word „standard“. In doing so, we’ll discover that it involves quite a few different aspects:

A closer look modules by openfellas

When we take over projects, we can’t help but notice again and again that there are some modules present in the client’s software that shouldn’t have been installed in the first place. The basic approach should be to install only what is actually necessary. Each unnecessary add-on not only requires unnecessary maintenance of the master files, but also leads to erroneous recordings of business transactions and – consequently – to a potential mishandling of processes. Put frankly, what is not there cannot cause either or the other.

Odoo POS solutions by openfellas

openfellas has successfully implemented POS solutions in 10 different cities and four countries (Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland). The main POS market segments we have worked with so far include high-end technical solutions, food retailing and fashion stores.