The starting point

The comparison may be valid or not, but it is a sad fact that people seem to compare Odoo and Microsoft Navision all the time. There is always at least one Navision partner in each bidding round of a tender.

In conversations, someone is bound to point out that „the other systems appear much more sophisticated when you look them in detail.” Much the same happens when we are processing or answering questionnaires or tenders that only inquire after a software’s features. Naturally, it is possible to replicate many of these functions, but they are simply not part of the Odoo Standard. The answer to the question of whether they are available, therefore, is a definite “no.”

Our recurring argument is that, in the long run, the software will be more cost-efficient and will offer more security since the Standard is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Thus, all risks of the implementation are already included in the license fee.

So what does all that entail? Let us have a look at the individual points:

“All-inclusive“ Pricing

It is true that, over the decades, the classic systems have been equipped with many small, sexy features here and there. Admittedly, it is very impressive to detect all the tiny details the software providers have taken into account. The many customer requests and feedback have left their mark – and let us not forget the several hundred programmers that had to be kept busy somehow.

Besides, the majority of features in the current versions already have reached a certain maturity, thus providing a certain guarantee that possible bugs have been fixed already.

It goes without saying that such a software has a considerable value and this value is reflected in the license fees. We are talking about quite a few hundred Euros per user and module.

You cannot have one without the other, or so it seems.