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General errors in master data maintenance

What you need to know

As everyone working with Odoo in daily routine can confirm, Odoo works very efficiently and reliably if the master data is well created and maintained assiduously. This is especially true for products and partners (designated either as customers or suppliers). Although products are significantly more complex to administrate, they are actually easier to manage, since according to the authorization concept only certain user groups are entitled to create and change products, the others are only allowed to read them. The situation is different for partners, as everyone involved needs to be able to create a new partner (usually a customer).

Here are some typical examples

Converting an interested party into a sales opportunity

The customer sends an inquiry per email, Odoo retrieves this request from a generic mailbox, e.g., info@, and converts it into a lead. The respective data is stored in flat files. Here is an example from with some demo data:

No links are visible in the display since there simply are no links. In this case, this makes sense since SPAM is sent occasionally to info@ addresses.

When converting a prospective customer to a sales opportunity, the software suggests the creation of a new contact. This is a logical step since the inquiry has been qualified and the contact should be known within the company. When in doubt, he may contact another employee, who should know him and where to find his inquiry, will log the phone call and leave a message for the sales department.

Here are the options to further qualify the inquiry:

Now, the contact exists, as shown by the representation of the name as a link:

We have thus created a partner, marked as a customer, and are, hopefully, one step closer towards a quote and an order. To ensure a fast and smooth conversion process, however, the regular CRM or sales user has to have the authorization to create partners or customers directly and, of course, to perform changes.