The openfellas solution for improved Odoo performance – indices may slow down the saving process, but they help to accelerate reading considerably.

Odoo Performance

It is a little known fact that Odoo has a bug that slows down the system, especially when it comes to larger databases and a substantial number of table entries. This general error is reinforced by the common “human” element.

Background information

Odoo lives off the fact that data are not written multiple times but rather that they are linked with each other. This interlinking of data enables the easy and indefinite navigation through the system to view any process in all its details – depending on your individual authorization profile. More specifically, this means that you are able to open an inquiry directly and to see at a glance all the offers and orders created around it. From there, you are able to immediately jump to deliveries, invoices or corrections of invoices, view the booked payments and return to the inquiry of the existing customer.

Here is an example based on the Odoo demo data:

Starting with the sales opportunity, I jumped to the associated order SO175, and opened the account INV/2019/006 booked to the cost center „Office Design – Joel Willis“, which I wanted to review. From there I went directly to the project to check the status of the “Energy Certificate” task from the open task list.

In this example, it is not the project that is relevant, but rather the revenues and expenses related to the cost center.