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A closer look at modules – to have or have not

When we take over projects, we can’t help but notice again and again that there are some modules present in the client’s software that shouldn’t have been installed in the first place. The basic approach should be to install only what is actually necessary. Each unnecessary add-on not only requires unnecessary maintenance of the master files, but also leads to erroneous recordings of business transactions and – consequently – to a potential mishandling of processes. Put frankly, what is not there cannot cause either or the other.

What is more, even though there is a „Deinstall“ Button, it is, in fact, only able to deinstall 50% of a module. Because when a module is activated, the database structure is extended first with all its interdependencies, and only then the objects, masks, security settings, etc. are loaded. During deinstallation, the second part will be removed, but it is not possible to reset the data base to its pre-installation structure. Having done that you are actually even worse off than before, since there are now, in all probability, mandatory fields without a default value – and without an input mask or its counterpart within such a mask – which may be used to maintain values.

It is easy to recognize this, when Odoo suddenly refuses to save a data record and a message appears to inform you that a certain mandatory field has not been filled in, and this very field seems to have vanished completely.

In this blog we have compiled a short list of modules that are considered necessary by many, but are actually needed by only a few!