optimized production utilization

openfellas provides solutions for optimizing production capacity utilization and for the intelligent mapping of bulk and batch production

Each production process is comprised of many and very different variables. Needless to say, the objective is to achieve the maximum use of man and machine with minimum budget strain.

The trick is to direct this process so that all parameters come together at the correct time, in the correct amount and the correct order. Process optimization is the magic word, aiming to achieve no less a goal than timely order fulfillment, with the lowest possible input of resources and the highest possible output of products, a minimum of rejects and without unscheduled downtime during the production process. In other words, not too much and not too little of every single parameter involved in this process.

The intelligent mapping of batch and bulk production with almost identical requirements is the proverbial icing on the cake. This specific optimization of efficiency goes even further, including coordination and control of the utilization of residual materials left in the individual production steps in subsequent production processes.

Achieving this is a tall order – and one that may only be realized with suitable software. All the more so, since these internal and external parameters are subject to permanent fluctuation.

openfellas has developed a solution to calculate and control optimal production capacity utilization. This pre-production process merges the calculation for the materials required to manufacture the products with the individual production steps. The whole process is coordinated in such a way that all production steps follow each other with utmost effectiveness.

The first steps, not surprisingly, include the analysis, diagnosis and, of course – the definition and description of the process chain itself – starting with purchasing, followed by warehousing and logistics and, finally, delivery of the end product to the customer: how does each step follow the previous one, where does the material come from, how long does each step take, in which order do they have to run, how often will each machine be used and for how long? Once the individual parameters have been defined, the individual components will be configured and assigned, work schedules will be defined and each product step and the defined time expenditure are brought together. At the end, it only remains to be clarified which set of screws may be turned to optimize the process further still.

This openfellas module will support you in reliably controlling your production processes and making them more efficient. If you are interested in this module, please do not hesitate to contact us, by clicking here …