How to book discounts in Odoo

In Germany, the legal payment period for any kind of purchase is 30 days. Many companies offer discounts to speed up payment. After all, their own liquidity is at stake. Usually, discounts vary between 2 and 3%, if the price is paid within a shorter payment period. The promised price reduction encourages the customer to settle an invoice quickly. This provides advantages for both the issuer of an invoice, since he will get his money earlier, and for the recipient of the invoice, since he can save money.

optimized production utilizatio

openfellas Module optimized production utilization

Each production process is comprised of many and very different variables. Needless to say, the objective is to achieve the maximum use of man and machine with minimum budget strain.

[Update] „A simple solution for two little bugs in Odoo 9“

One of the bugs in question had to do with the automatic generation of account charts with a standard 6 digit default setting in Odoo 9, whereas previous Odoo versions had provided the user with a choice.

Translation Project Odoo 9

Openfellas have initiated a translation project for Odoo9 with the aim to provide a German translation.