Openfellas are Best Odoo Partner Europe 2018

Our time with Odoo – Reflections on what you might say when you have been awarded the title “Best Partner”

In 2007, Pro Linux magazine published an article announcing the release of TinyERP 4.2. Back then, when nobody yet thought of openfellas, we were looking for a CRM system with regard to a non-standard customer inquiry we had received. The system certainly never would have won a beauty award, because even by the standards of the time, pretty would have been something quite different. But – the system was fast, functional, very flexible and easy to adapt, and only one year later it even had a web client. Because of the design, we hesitated for some time wondering whether we were really backing the right horse or whether it would be better to look for something different. Still, the flexibility and the easy adaptability were simply unbeatable. In addition, all other similar systems were based on Java, whereas TinyERP was based on Python. In the long run, this fact afforded and promised an enormous advantage in terms of resources and speed.

Thus, the project was successfully started in TinyERP 4.2, and subsequently finalized in OpenERP 5.0 (the first re-naming of Odoo). This was the beginning of our journey. Further unofficial projects followed, until the foundation of openfellas in 2010. A few months later, the official partnership was established, a day I can still remember quite well.

If you have worked with just CRM so far and are now supposed to implement ERP, if you started off with a bunch of technical specialists approaching projects with the expectations that the customer will know his own processes and will tell you what to do, then … Well, yeah, what then!

Our list of errors has been long, and so were the subsequent somewhat prickly talks, but we have paid our dues. Nevertheless, in spite of all that, customers have stayed with us for all those years, providing us with an opportunity to rectify our mistakes: Thanks to you all!

In 2014, we were awarded the Silver Partnership, closely followed by the Gold Partnership in 2015. These awards haven’t changed us much, though; the sun still rose on the following day, same as before. What did change us, however, were the customers and the mistakes that provided us with the opportunity to learn our lessons.

And now we have become „Best Odoo Partner Europe 2018“! This time, the day in October has felt different from that in 2014 or 2015!

Our heartfelt thanks to Odoo, to Kristina (Gents, Ladies first), and, of course, to Nicolas and Hans! Thank you for the daily support and thank you for this award, we feel very honored! We will continue to do our best to win this award again. Dear nominees, please keep in mind that we are from Bavaria, from Munich: The FC Bavaria has set high standards!