The openfellas System/Device File for Odoo – Individual Solutions for the Administration of Systems and Devices

Wherever systems or devices are sold, leased, rented or installed in any other way, an electronic module such as the system/device file by openfellas is virtually indispensable. How else do you trace, manage and maintain a diverse and varied range of instruments, devices, appliances, and what have you? Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, our customers are able to keep track of their entire instrument base, regardless of sector or size, even if said instrument base has become somewhat more complex.

With the help of our system/device file module for Odoo, the customer is able to locate each device or instrument by means of its respective serial number. He is able to see where an instrument or device is at any given time, which other devices are located nearby, and what spare parts are required to take care of malfunctions or cases of wear and tear. From sales via maintenance to repairs, each device is managed centrally and seamlessly. All relevant information is accessible with just a few clicks. Several instruments or devices can be easily pooled into groups or systems, making the variety of equipment even easier to manage.

The Odoo module also includes a knowledge database as well as a comprehensive device history. The service agreements on file automatically trigger reminders corresponding to the agreed maintenance intervals, thus providing the necessary information for the easy and convenient scheduling of the services themselves, the best travel routes and, of course, the required tools and the availability of the respective spare parts.

However, the system/device file not only offers a list of service and maintenance schedules and the necessary tools, it also manages the device warranties (both full or partial warranties), allows the revision of parts list and thus facilitates the planning of routes and appointments as well as the disposition of specialized technicians or vehicles with the required material. As a bonus, reaction times for service and maintenance are considerably shortened.

Of course, each system/device file will be updated automatically after each service or maintenance measure. In short, the system/device file is the repository of all available data on a specific instrument and may be as easily retrieved and analyzed.

The list of key features that may be customized to any client in accordance to his individual requirements can be extended indefinitely. The summary, however, is quite simple: Thanks to the openfellas system/device file for Odoo, all potential requirements of an electronic instrument management are covered.

If you are interested in our electronic system/device file, please contact us. We are happy to provide more information.